Guidelines for Enabling Device Encryption in Android Tablets

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Enabling Device Encryption

The question of security on the internet has been making waves around the world because of the increasing cyber attacks and surveillance. The increasing reliance on tablets and smartphones in accessing the internet has left the devices with a potential venerability towards any online threats. This can have numerous large-scale consequences such as the leakage or loss of private data and access to critical confidential data of a user such as bank accounts and credit card numbers.

Encryption is a standard feature incorporated into Android devices such as tablets for providing advanced protection against any cyber attacks. The device encryption translates the data stored on the tablet into a non-readable form that can only be accessed by entering the right credentials. All the data present in the device such as photos, music, accounts, and apps undergo encryption that makes it inaccessible to any outside sources. Below are some of the steps for encrypting your Android tablet.

Android 5.0 or Higher Versions

For tablets that have Android 5.0 or higher versions, the encryption process is quite easier. It is necessary to encrypt the tablets as the devices bought from Android tablet rentals may not be encrypted. Plug the tablet into the power outlet and charge it fully before commencing the encryption process. For enabling the device encryption, go to the Settings and select the Security menu. Once the Security menu is opened, navigate to the Encrypt Tablet option and continue with the guidelines displayed.

Connect the charger to the tablet and plug it into a power outlet if the plug in for charging message is displayed. Enter a lock screen PIN or password when prompted. However, note that the encryption process can take some time, which is entirely dependent on the processing power of the tablet and the amount of data that it contains.

Android 4.4 or Lower Versions

Setting up the PIN or password is necessary before commencing the encryption process for tablets that run on Android 4.4 KitKat or lower versions. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock. There will be numerous options displayed such as pattern, PIN, and password. Select any option according to your liking and enter a strong memorable combination of credentials.

These credentials will be used for unlocking the tablet after the encryption is completed. Go to the Security menu, navigate to the Encrypt Tablet option, and tap on it to begin the encryption process. Select the Encrypt SD Card Storage option in the Security menu for encrypting the external storage such as microSD card.