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Amazon FreeTime is Coming to Android Tablets

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Amazon FreeTime Available Soon

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the most popular FreeTime Service of Amazon, which allows users access to several parental controls and selected kid-friendly content, will be available on all Android tablets and smartphones shortly. This incredible app will offer the similar set of parental controls that are present on the Fire tablet devices of Amazon.

In addition to that, it will be also offering a handpicked selection of more than 40,000 websites and YouTube videos, which have been deemed safe for children through the FreeTime web browser. The officials from Amazon have also confirmed that parents can upgrade to FreeTime Unlimited service for just $2.99 per month to get an expanded selection of kid-friendly content. However, this is only possible if the parent is an Amazon Prime member.

Parents who are not Amazon Prime members will also be eligible for upgrading to FreeTime Unlimited but the downfall is that they will have to pay an amount of $4.99 every month, which may not seem so economical to some parents. However, the contents offered in the limited version of Amazon’s FreeTime app are also abundant and it will educate and entertain your kids while allowing them to have fun.

The upgraded selection consists of more than 10,000 age-appropriate videos and books from famous brands such as Simon & Schuster, Sesame Street, HarperCollins, PBS Kids, Amazon Studios, Nickelodeon, Disney, and others. Many users who own Android tablets are excited with the latest announcement because they are aware that this app can offer a lot to their kids.

If you are an Android tablet user who is planning to upgrade to the FreeTime Unlimited service, then you will have to take note of the fact that this app works a little bit differently on Android tablets and smartphones, particularly when it comes to apps. This is because parents will have to separately add any games or apps that they have in the device to the FreeTime service, which can be a little bit time consuming for some users. So, keep this factor in mind before upgrading the service to the Unlimited version.

In a recent statement, Amazon claimed that more than 10 million parents have already signed up for FreeTime and the officials from Amazon hope that the numbers will significantly increase in the future.