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Charge Your Smartphone Faster

It can be frustrating always to charge your smartphone or tablet. If you are experiencing a slow charging problem, consider resetting your device. You may not have sufficient time always to charge your phone; therefore, you can use a fast charger. Nowadays, USB-C cables are available. These will help your batteries to get extra power for hanging around. Always hanging around a charger and phone can be a real irritation. If you want to avoid this torture, here are some easy instructions and tricks to follow. Airplane Mode If you want to increase the charging speed of your phone, you [Read More]
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Connect Android Phone to Computer without using a data cable

Advanced tablets and phones are available with numerous unique features, including find my tablet. If you want to transfer photos quickly from android phone to computer, you have to connect it immediately. Online platforms allow you to transfer music files quickly. To transfer data, you have to connect your android phone to computer. A secure method is to connect two devices with a data cable. In the absence of data cable, there are other methods to connect two devices. AirMore to Connect Android to Computer With AirMore, you can connect android and PC. It is a sophisticated mobile tool to connect devices [Read More]
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5 best backup software by Microsoft to keep your data safe

You must learn how to transfer your data from one device to another. It can be easy with the help of backup software. Numerous backup tools are available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Microsoft has also designed 5 best backup software to keep your data safe. 1. Windows 10 Backup If you need a simple solution to back up important files, it can be the right choice for you. Remember, this tool is easy to set up. You can find this software in your PC by clicking on the Windows icon on the lower corner of the [Read More]
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TunnelBear VPN review: fast, reliable privacy solution for Windows 10

TunnelBear VPN can protect your tablet from security threats. Remember, TunnelBear is famous for its security level, security level, limits and other features. This service offers speedy connections to its users. If you want to avoid security threats, you can choose this VPN. It will make browsing private from ISPs, hackers and monitoring network. There is no need to think about security issues in the presence of this VPN. Install this VPN and use public Wi-Fi or untrusted networks. Keep it in mind that Tunnel Bear can’t collect information about you.  Best Features of TunnelBear With a disrupted VPN connection, [Read More]
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How to Enable Dark Mode in iOS and Android?

In your android tablet, you can enable dark mode because this mode is available for both android and iOS. Microsoft is rolling out a special dark mode for its office apps. It will help you to change the outlook for the web and desktop for numerous months. This mode is live on iPad, iPhone and Android. Here are some easy methods to enable dark mode. Remember, these instructions are common for every mobile device. If you are unable to see dark mode in themes, check updates for your phone. It must be available on 4.0.4 Android version. In the first step, you [Read More]
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Troubleshooting a Dim Laptop Screen – Here’s the Solution

Do you want to solve brightness issues on your device? You must read this troubleshooting guide. With this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot a dim laptop screen. Laptop screen issues are common among computer users. Sometimes, screens go blank or bring up black or blue screen errors or have lines. These issues are related to lighting. Sometimes, a screen brightens or dims randomly.  In this situation, corrupt display drivers on a computer can be the main culprit. Before using a solution, you have to check these things: Check the model and make of a laptop Check hardware and software [Read More]
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How to upgrade to the latest android version?

For maximum security of your device, you will need a special case and antivirus software. With a hard case for your device, you can ensure its external security against bumps and scratches. To protect internal sensitive data of your device, you will need the latest version of the android operating system. Here are some tips to learn how to upgrade to the latest android version. Connect your device to Wi-Fi. Open Settings. Choose “About Phone”. Click check for updates and if these are available, tap an update button to download these updates.  Based on the operating system, you may see “Install Now, [Read More]
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This hidden iOS feature will help you delete bulk messages

iOS devices come with numerous hidden features. Frequent updates for operating system allow you to get the advantage of amazing features. Users can discover new features over time. Nowadays, iOS 13 is famous among Apple tablet users for its great features. You can use a hidden element to delete bulk messages.  This feature allows you to delete storage-hungry videos, photos, texts and messages from your device with some taps. It is easy to de-clutter your device with iOS 13. Remember, you can still delete messages in an old fashion, such as one by one. For this purpose, you have to [Read More]
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These 3 apps will help you to make amazing videos from android phone

If you are looking for 10 inch tablets for sale, then there is great news for you! We have the best deals on 10 inch tablets for our readers so if you are planning on getting a tablet for you then we recommend that you read the article till the end and get the most amazing news and know about the facts that you have never heard of. On great requests of our readers, we have also gathered the most authentic information and details about the best video applications in android tablets. Actually, people usually buy tablets for the purpose [Read More]
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These equalizer apps will help you listen to more quality music on your android phone

Want to buy a tablet with great features but at a reasonable price? This is really not difficult now to buy the 10 inch tablet with impressive features, stylish design at affordable prices. You can buy tablets from online selling websites. The smartphones, the tablet runs on the Android operating system or iOS. The android smartphones have progressed so much in technology in the last few years.  What are the equalizer apps? There are multiple apps on the smartphone for different purposes. One of these apps is equalizer apps. These apps are designed to enhance the sound quality of the [Read More]